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Why you need i-BA

As fast as things are moving now and with as much data as we have at our finger tips we face heightened risk of missing that key trend or insight that takes you to the next level.

Intelligent business analytics is dedicated to helping you improve your organisations ability to collect, analyse, interpret data and then implement intelligent change in pursuit of your competitive advantage. Our process is about interpretation and recommendation, applying technique and innovative technology that is the driver of your business intelligence.

We can offer real insight, which leads to better decisions, delivering relevant timely data that opens minds and profitable opportunities

Telephone: 0203 390 6064

The Thinking

Our experience is wide, our project history varied. Our senior analyst team are academically accredited to doctorate level from Cambridge and Imperial College, and regularly consult on advanced analytics for major companies in Telco, retail, financial services as well as regularly presenting at conferences across Europe and the USA.

Data is going to shape the intelligent decisions of the future. We have entered the Decade of Measurement complete with the continual shock of change, ever quickening pace and the concept of big data, but we are confident that no matter how challenging the requirement i-BA will have the experience to deliver.

And yet we understand the value of developing new enabling technology to capture difficult to get data. We recognise that business intelligence crosses boundaries and that our analysts must offer the full skill set that our client's demands, business knowledge, technology skills and project management.

For the most part it's rare that data analysis companies concern themselves beyond making sense of the clutter. But we cherish the fact that we blend inquisitive intelligence and ground breaking data capture technology that improves statistical reliability and migration to dynamic modelling.

It's not like you can ask for a usability test, but i-BA have a track record for delivering effective solutions across multiple industry disciplines.

The Thinking

i-BA bridge the gap in your organisation by delivering customised solutions and deeper understanding to difficult data problems and in the process, recalibrate your success anticipation.

i-BA recognise that there is a genuine need for a bespoke analytics company that delivers one on one customised intelligent data solutions. We understand the disconnect in the BI process because technology, IT and business managers approach the task of understanding their business and customers with different expectations, adding time and ultimately cost to the end solution. Our interdisciplinary team of energetic, passionate statisticians, analysts and process change experts, with diverse commercial backgrounds, work with you in a trusted advisor capacity delivering insight and intelligent data analysis.

The Thinking

We have successfully delivered analytics projects for a number of leading retailers in Europe and Asia, including B&Q, Boots, Co-op, Sainsbury's, Tesco and E-Mart. Specialising in using basket data for segmentation, price optimisation and markdown management. In the telco sector clients include BT, Vodafone and Orange. One showcase project introduced targeting and segmentation models, as well as training and mentoring for the enterprise business unit of a leading UK mobile operator. In the financial sector our analysts developed the UK's first individual-level segmentation for consumer financial services, attributing the segments onto customer and prospect databases for major providers including Prudential and Equifax. In the Banking sector we have carried out projects for Royal Bank of Scotland, NatWest, AIB and Lloyds TSB.

The Contacts

iBA Data Limited

iBA London
East Side,
Kings Cross,

T:0203 390 6064

iBA Nottinghamshire
Edwinstowe House,
High Street,
Nottinghamshire, NG21 9PR

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